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Q. What do we need for our Civil Ceremony?
A. Firstly, you need to apply for approval to the Health Services Executive Civil Registration Office. The hotel cannot apply on your behalf, each couple must apply themselves.

Q. How will approval be granted?
A. Approval is granted on a case by case basis, this is determined by the Health Services Executive Civil Registration Office.

Q. When do you need to apply?
A. Applications should be made to the Health Service Executive Office at least 3 months in advance, however to guarantee the requested dates, it would be advisable to apply as early as possible.

Q. What does the hotel do?
A. The hotel will complete a declaration form for each wedding and will ensure that the Health Service Executive Civil Registration Office standards are adhered to.

Q. Where will the ceremony take place?
A. At Wonderful Wedding Hotels, we offer private suites for your ceremony. Couples are welcome to view our suites at any stage, depending on availability with our wedding co-ordinator on property.

Q. What is the cost of registration?
A. Firstly, there is a notification fee of €150.00, this must be paid to the Health Service Executive Civil Registration Office at your first meeting. The cost of the Registrar is €24.45 per hour on the day of your ceremony. The Registrar is required to be in the building for one hour before and one hour after the ceremony, this means there will be a minimum cost of €48.90 and €24.95 per hour thereafter, however long the Registrar will be in the building.

Q. Can Guests have refreshments at the ceremony?
A. No food or drink is permitted in the room 1 hour before or 1 hour after the ceremony.

Hotels licensed for Civil Ceremonies:

The Ambassador Hotel, Cork

Charleville Park Hotel & Leisure Club, Co. Cork

Gallaghers Hotel, letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Harlequin Hotel, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny

Oriel House Hotel & Leisure Club, Ballincollig, Cork

Kilkenny River Court Hotel, Kilkenny

Carlton Hotel Kinsale, Kinsale, Co. Cork

Atlantic Coast Hotel, Westport, Co. Mayo

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